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eResidentCare — Care Management Software


eResidentCare is an electronic medical record software specifically designed for managing resident care daily workflows and maintaining adequate records and documentation to be compliant with regulations.

Resident Assessments
  • Resident assessments can be done using eResidentCare’ assessments tool.

  • Our system has 19 ready to use assessments.

    • Examples of the type of assessments available include the ADL assessments covering bathing, dressing and grooming, medication management, night checks, and mobility. Many other assessments that assess diagnosis and other medical issues like skin integrity can be found in eResidentCare.

  • Custom assessments can be built to cover all your assessment needs.

Medication Management (eMar)
  • Our eMar system includes the complete management of resident medication orders, from new orders, refills and discontinued orders.

  • Comprehensive charting screens with automated alerts for scheduled medications and PRN re‐checks help caregivers and med techs avoid medication errors.

  • The system has Inventory accounting details by staff responsible for the control/count of narcotic stock and transactions.

Resident Care Plans
  • Individualized care plans for the daily care of bathing, grooming, eating, mobility and medication management requirement customized to your resident.

  • Assignment list generated daily with our eSchedule for your staff to follow to ensure the required resident care is completed.

  • Monitoring the progress is made easy.

  • Documentation that includes the Care Plan Form plus Care Plan Logs show details of all services performed for each resident

Resident eNotes and Incident Reporting
  • Resident notes and Incident Reports can be easily captured and managed.

  • Notes can be entered for any category, such as caregiver notes, nurses' notes, progress notes, fall notes, behavior notes.

  • The average resident can easily have a thousand or more notes attached to their record in a year’s time,

  • eResidentCare provides filters for note retrieval and reporting by resident, date, staff, or category.

Resident Storage Cabinet
  • eResidentCare gives each resident a storage file where electronic files can be uploaded for easy retrieval.

  • We help you step towards a paperless environment with our eFile system.

  • Pictures, documents, lab results and etc can be uploaded and securely stored.

Census and Reporting
  • Keep a history of all conversations and notes

  • eResidentCare provides over 180 reports such as resident census, resident face sheets, medication reports, treatment and care plan reports, assessment and birthday lists, plus many more.

  • All reports are PDF ready.

  • Easily admit any resident from the marketing list

  • Marketing calendar to schedule events

Resident Billing
  • Our billing system shares the resident information so that no duplicate entries need to happen.

  • The eResidentCare billing system includes resident contract billing, recurring charges, ancillary charges, private pay invoicing, multi‐payer billing.


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