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Software Solutions Associates, LLC


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Software Solutions Associates, LLC

Why should I move from a paper system that my staff is familiar with and that seems to be working fine?

There are many factors about an electronic system that are compelling enough to switch. The more obvious is ease of being able to locate documents and details faster. Regulations require seven years of record keeping, which can require prime space to be used for file storage. Software can help organize records and schedules, which saves time and money, leaving more time for your staff to take care of your residents which is what it's all about.

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Why should I choose eResidentCare and how do they compare to other software vendors?

Purchasing a software program for your facility can be a daunting experience. There are many vendors to choose from each with their own strengths. Our reason for being is simple, we wanted facilities like yours to have an affordable software program that is easy to use that helps organize resident information and services and keeps your facility compliant. eResidentCare is a web based software as a service application that takes away the expense of having to install software. The maintenance, updates and the responsibility of backups are ours, not of our customers. We do it all leaving the responsibility of an internet connection left up to the customer. Because it is web based it works on all operating systems so you can use any device that you can connect to the internet. eResidentCare is a comprehensive package that allows you access to all modules and it's up to you as to the modules you want to use. One of our strengths is our charting system. It helps organize all resident services to be performed, from passing medications to personal care services to tracking incontinence so nothing is missed and supporting documentation to help you stay compliant. It empowers your staff so their time can be spent on taking care of your residents.  

Does eResidentCare offer training?

We believe that if your staff is not trained it will be difficult to realize all the benefits a software program like ours offers. We provide live online and onsite training along with computer-based training.

How long will it take to implement from a paper based system?

The answer really depends on the available resources of staff and time that can be dedicated to the implementation. We will help as much as possible to speed up the process by populating resident information into the system where possible.

Do you offer support?

Support is included with your subscription. We offer phone support during business hours, and have a 24 hour support service tab for emailing tickets the we promptly reply to.

Is eResidentCare HIPAA compliant? 

Yes. We have followed all the compliancy rules from a secure login to the daily backups, to our secure data center, to make sure it is HIPAA compliant.