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What are the benefits of working with hospice

You are a trusted resource for your residents and an asset to their families. When you have a resident that is coping with an advanced illness, hospice care can help. Hospice will integrate advance care planning, palliative care and hospice care into your resident’s care plan, so your resident can continue to remain in their home. The focus will be on comfort and quality of life, helping each resident live life to the fullest.

Benefits of working with hospice include

  • Specialized support for more medically complex residents

  • Ease of resident admission to the appropriate care

  • 24/7 telephonic triage

  • Improved resident quality of life

  • Enhanced resident and family communication and satisfaction

  • Reduced resident anxiety

  • Fewer unnecessary hospital readmissions and emergency room visits

  • Avoid burdensome facility transitions

  • Assistance managing medication orders

Hospice collaborates with the assisted living facility staff to help meet the patient’s needs and to provide additional care for family members, such as helping with communication and providing emotional support and updates to families.

When is hospice the right choice?

There are several factors which may make hospice an appropriate level of care for an assisted living resident. They include:

  • A significant decline in resident’s physical or mental health status

  • The resident requires frequent visits to the MD’s office or the Emergency Room

  • The resident’s level of mobility has declined requiring frequent intervention by facility staff

  • The resident is losing weight which is not intentional

  • The resident is becoming weaker and requires more assistance with activities of daily living

  • The underlying disease is progressing at a rapid rate or a new diagnosis has been identified

  • The resident has recently chosen to stop aggressive treatment options

For residents in a steady decline or for those given a 6-month or less prognosis, hospice may be a comforting option and may even be recommended by the facilities social worker. Most agencies develop collaborations with the assisted livings in order to provide the patients with the best care possible.

Death is an inevitable journey that we will all face one day, for our residents we can guide them with peace and dignity.

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