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Chrome Advanced Settings

In the upper right hand side of Google Chrome, there is a button that has 3 bars on it, if you click on it, you should get to a screen called Settings. Under settings if you scroll down, you will see an option called Advanced. If you click on Advanced, it will show a bunch more options available to customize and configure Chrome.


Note that these settings may be different depending on what version of Chrome you have.

The settings that I mention may be different depending on what version of Chrome you have.

The first Advanced option is Privacy, followed by 2 buttons, Content Setting and Clear Browsing Data. Content Settings have many options that are pretty self explanatory, and for the most part, should be left alone. There are however some options to customize how Chrome handles things such as changing downloads to not automatically download, but instead, prompt you for an option as what to do with it. This area is also the area where you will find the option to allow popups.

Clear browsing data, is where you can go in and select different history items, and delete them. The nice thing about it, is you can choose how far back you would like to go. The next option is Passwords and Forms, this area controls the ability to allow passwords to be automatically inputted and saved. Web Content is where you can configure the looks and feel of the browser, such as magnification level and font size. The network option is where you can configure Chrome to use a proxy for internet. Most places no longer use a proxy server for internet access. Language is the next option, as it say’s, this is where you can find settings to change the default language of Chrome. The Downloads field allows you to change the default location as to where Chrome places downloaded files. If you need to do any changes to certificates, you can do that under HTTPS/SSL, in most cases, you would never have to go into that option area. If you take advantage of Google Cloud Print, options to set them up are under Google Cloud Print. Following that are 2 System options, that, in most cases, should both be checked. The last option is where you can restore Chrome back to the default settings that were set on the day you installed it. This option will remove personal setting such as homepage, installed extensions etc, so use this as a last resort to try and fix browser issues, or to start over with defaults. Google Chrome, in my opinion, is an excellent lightweight browser, that is rich in features.


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