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Tech Talk with Matt Christenson

In today’s world, viruses, malware, spyware, etc has become a very common problem! I would like to point out some ways to minimize the risk as much as possible. A good percentage of malicious software is installed unknowingly while installing known software. Let’s take Java updates for example. As you begin the installation process, it’s very easy for a user to just keep hitting “next” through all the recommended settings, but then, upon completion of the installer, you have Java installed, along with Ask toolbar and McAfee Security Scanner! In most cases, the user doesn’t really realize that they now have installed additional deceptive software, that can use procedures that in some areas, may be illegal. So how can you prevent this? As with most software packages, there are typically two installation choices, “Recommended” and “Advanced”. A lot of people that I have worked with are afraid of the “Advanced” option, which is simply being able to control, if any, the installation of other unwanted packages. In most cases, the “Advanced” option will contain all the chosen options of the “Recommended” installation choices, but allow you to check or uncheck options, such as other unwanted software package, giving you control over what really gets installed! When installing programs, choosing the “Advanced” option, a long with paying attention through each step of the installer will help minimize the risk of unwanted software packages, that can be deceptive!

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