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A Website… Does My Company Really Need One?

Your business may be small or your business may be big, either way you may have asked yourself, “Does my business really need a website”? The answer is YES. The fact is we are living ‘In the Age of the Internet’ and not having a website means less of a presence, perhaps credibility, and more importantly you may be missing out on valuable business.

The values of having a website are endless. The following are a few reasons why an expertly created website can be an invaluable asset for your company:

  • Your competition has a web site. Have you ever wanted to find some basic information like the hours at a particular store and they did not have a site? I have. Instead of calling them, I clicked on another store’s link that came up in my search and shopped there instead. Because they did not have a website, they missed out on my business and others will likely to do the same.

  • Presence is powerful. Yes there are phonebooks, and there are still people who use them, but the majority of people use the Internet to find what they want. Not having a presence could mean losing out on business to your competitor who does have a website. Another powerful value to having an Internet presence (unlike a phonebook) is you would then be searchable to customers from as near as your city to as far away as the other side of the world.

  • Credibility equals professionalism. Having an Internet presence gives your company credibility. Internet presence shows that you are serious about your company and your customers. It shows that you have a professional business.

  • Information Hub. Your website does not need to stop at promoting your products and services; your site can contain important company information such as your hours and location, FAQ’s (If you have common questions create a FAQ page), and any other information you feel is relevant. Think of how helpful and convenient it would be for your customers to have information readily available at any time?

A website is important for any business. It is important for your business, too. Many of you may have already experienced the quality of my work with your logos. However, you may not know I am the ‘Web Master’ and ‘Graphic Artist’ at Software Solutions, Associates. From a simple 5 page site to more complex sites using e-Commerce (where available), I have experience creating many different types and styles of websites and would love to create a website for you. Are you ready to get an Internet presence? You can get started TODAY! Call or email me at

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