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Software Solutions Associates, LLC


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Software Solutions Associates, LLC

eResidentCare — Care Management Software


eResidentCare assisted living software is a web based resident care management system for resident records and daily workflows.

eMar Charting

Avoid medication errors. eResidentCare ensures medication administration follows the Six Rights.

  • Easy to use charting screens with alerts

  • Medication inventory system

  • MAR Reports

  • Pharmacy interface is available

Resident Care Plans and Daily ADL Charting

Empower your staff with a care plan system that saves time so they can spend their time caring for your residents.

  • Custom care plan templates

  • Link care plans to assessments, resident diagnosis, medication orders

  • Schedule and document personal care services rendered

  • Track vitals

Resident Notes and Incident Reports

Reduce paper usage and save on time and costs of data retrieval


  • Secure and efficient way to capture and store resident notes

  • Supervisors and management are alerted with notifications as notes or incidents are entered into the system

  • Attach files or pictures to notes

File storage with eFile 

Scan and upload resident labs or any other document for easy accessibility .


  • Easy to access resident files

  • Store all types of reports and files, such as resident MAR reports in one place

  • Upload contracts and legal documents to store in your resident's online file

  • Attach files or pictures to notes


Intuitive system that Integrates with all eResidentCare components.

Custom Assessments

Stay compliant with assessments.


  • 17 ready to use assessments

  • Custom assessment tool builder to create your own

  • Programmable triggers to link to care plans

Pharmacy Interface

Save time with eResidentCare pharmacy intergration.

  • Pharmacy interface with Omnicare is available.

  • Interfaces available with most other pharmacies.

  • Our medication system receives orders from. 

  • New orders received and discontinued order instructions are grouped by resident for
    easy processing. 



Our easy to use screens let you capture the important information about potential clients.

  • Easy to use system with the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of billing

  • Supports multiple payer scenarios

  • Packages can be set up and defined
    as care levels

  • Pro rate, retro-billing, monthly invoicing,
    payment tracking and summary

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  • Keep a history of all conversations and notes

  • Track referrals

  • Easily admit any resident from the marketing list

  • Marketing calendar to schedule events

Experience the power of eResidentCare.

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