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eResidentCare — Care Management Software


eResidentCare assisted living software is a web based resident care management system for resident records and daily workflows.

  • Custom care plan templates

  • Link care plans to assessments, resident diagnosis, medication orders

  • Schedule and document personal care services rendered

  • Track vitals

  • Easy to use charting screens with alerts

  • Medication inventory system

  • MAR Reports

  • Pharmacy interface is available


Avoid medication errors. eResidentCare ensures medication administration follows the Six Rights.

Empower your staff with a care plan system that saves time so they can spend their time caring for your residents.

Resident Care Plans and Daily ADL Charting
Resident Notes and Incident Reports

Reduce paper usage and save on time and costs of data retrieval


  • Secure and efficient way to capture and store resident notes

  • Supervisors and management are alerted with notifications as notes or incidents are entered into the system

  • Attach files or pictures to notes

Custom Assessments
  • 17 ready to use assessments

  • Custom assessment tool builder to create your own

  • Programmable triggers to link to care plans

Stay compliant with assessments.


Pharmacy Interface
File storage with eFile 

Scan and upload resident labs or any other document for easy accessibility .


  • Easy to access resident files

  • Store all types of reports and files, such as resident MAR reports in one place

  • Upload contracts and legal documents to store in your resident's online file

  • Attach files or pictures to notes

Save time with eResidentCare pharmacy intergration.

  • Pharmacy interface with Omnicare is available.

  • Interfaces available with most other pharmacies.

  • Our medication system receives orders from. 

  • New orders received and discontinued order instructions are grouped by resident for
    easy processing. 



Intuitive system that Integrates with all eResidentCare components.

  • Easy to use system with the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of billing

  • Supports multiple payer scenarios

  • Packages can be set up and defined
    as care levels

  • Pro rate, retro-billing, monthly invoicing,
    payment tracking and summary


Our easy to use screens let you capture the important information about potential clients.

  • Keep a history of all conversations and notes

  • Track referrals

  • Easily admit any resident from the marketing list

  • Marketing calendar to schedule events

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Experience the power of eResidentCare.

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