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eResidentCare — Care Management Software


eResidentCare is an electronic medical record software specifically designed for managing resident care daily workflows and maintaining adequate records and documentation to be compliant with regulations.

eMar Charting

eResidentCare will help you avoid medication errors. 

  • Easy to use charting screens with alerts

  • Medication pill count system

  • MAR Reports

  • Pharmacy interface is available

Individual Care Plans and Assessments 

Daily ADL charting made easy

  • Create individual service plans

  • Chart on schedule services like showers, night checks, incontinence checks, vital checks

  • 17 assessments already to use

  • Template to build additional custom assessments  

Resident Notes and Incident Reports

Reduce paper with electronic records


  • Secure and efficient way to capture and store resident notes

  • Supervisors and management are alerted with notifications as notes or incidents are entered into the system

  • Attach files or pictures to notes

Pharmacy Interface

Save time - ensure accuracy


  • Simplified and efficient electronic pharmacy managed order workflow

  • Facility and pharmacy systems continually in-sync

File storage 

Scan and upload resident labs or any other document for easy accessibility .


  • Safe and secure storage of resident files 

  • Upload many types of files such as contracts, legal documents, picture files

  • Easy access when you need the information


Our easy to use screens let you capture the important information about potential clients.

  • Keep a history of all conversations and notes

  • Track referrals

  • Easily admit any resident from the marketing list

  • Marketing calendar to schedule events


Accounts receiveable system to track charges and payments.

  • Easy to use system with the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of billing

  • Supports multiple payer scenarios

  • Packages can be set up and defined as care levels

  • Pro rate, retro billing, monthly invoicing, payment tracking and summary


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